First, inöuqa is made in France. This was our starting point in terms of eco-design. Why did we do this?

To limit our carbon footprint first, and then to promote our territories and know-how. Our materials are not 100% green, it’s true, but already partially recycled (EPP ocean modules) or recyclable (EPP units, PP plugs and decorations). This is an added value in our opinion when you look at the current composition of toys children’s shelving. A concept of construction game and materials thought to last… It is always better than single-use or ephemeral plastic coming from the other side of the planet, no?

The pre-order system is also a strong point for us: the right quantities, the right prices, little stock, optimized production and logistics, a committed and conscious purchase… so many concrete arguments with a positive impact. In our eyes, this is already good, it is already beneficial. But we want to do better: at each stage of our adventure, of our development, we will try to move the eco-design cursor a little further in the right direction when possible and relevant. This is a commitment we are making.

Discover our commitment to eco-responsibility