No, but yes… We explain ourselves: the raw materials do not come from France, not all from Europe either, but the manufacturing is done in France, near Grenoble.

We can therefore proudly display the colors of “Made in France”. It was a will since the beginning. But it is not an easy fight, as you can imagine. In order to offer you an innovative and secure toy concept at market prices, we have made choices (materials, connectivity…) involving raw materials that are not found in France, or sometimes in Europe. Not that we had a choice since a local alternative simply does not exist. On the other hand, whenever we have the French option and it respects the idea, the functionality, and an acceptable cost for our customers, we favor it.

In life, it’s all about balance and dosage. We consider that, compared to most of the toys offered worldwide, our recipe is composed of mostly quality ingredients, and, over the years, we want to improve little by little this dimension in our approach.