We understand this impatience! The desire to play is so strong. During each session of pre-orders in progress, you will find on the description of each of our products offered for sale, the estimated range for your delivery.

This information will then be repeated on your confirmation email as well as in your customer area, on your order tracking.

Among all the advantages our pre-order system, we must mention the one that allows us to control the schedule as much as possible. So, when we announce a delivery window, there is very little chance that it will not be respected.

A few days before shipping, you will be contacted by our logistics partner, to whom we hand over this part of the job and will get a refined timeframe. Once shipped, you will receive notifications and have access to the tracking of your delivery.

If you have a problem with the tracking of your delivery, don’t be shy, take the lead and contact us. We will always be there for you…