If we want to stimulate the imagination of the youngest, we might as well be the first to set an example, right? The starting point is the desire to personalize our magic playhouse, to give it a little name, so that the children can appropriate it and consider it as a real playmate. “Can I play with inöuqa?”; “Can we take inöuqa to grandma and grandpa’s?”; “So inöuqa, what are we building today?”…

So many sentences that we hope to hear.

Our initial idea was also not to materialize borders with the name. Our toy is transposable to all the children of our planet, it was necessary that the name be also. A combination of vowels, consonants and syllables orchestrated and organized to create this beautiful sound:

  • the “i” of “imagination”, the “ino” of “innovation”,
  • the “in” of “inside” and “to be trendy”,
  • the “ou” of “who we’ll be playing with today? “
  • The “qa” of “cabin”
  • In short, it’s a pretty crazy and funny mishmash, with a touch of exoticism thanks to the letters brought back from our travels, like the “ö” from Scandinavian and Germanic countries.

Take a good look at this one, you’ll see a surprised smiley face staring you in the eyes. Now you know all the secrets of our name. We hope you like it.