This is a question that deserves several answers:

  • The units are made of 100% recyclable EPP (expanded polypropylene) foam. High quality, light and durable, the EPP absorbs shocks, resists stains, is soft to the touch and free of harmful products. Used for many years in many industries (automotive, construction, food, leisure …), we make it out of its box to offer a solution for play never seen. A respectful choice for our children and our environment.
  • The caps are made of regenerated PP (polypropylene). This means it’s a sustainable plastic material that’s also 100% recyclable. While there is regenerated PP, made from crushed, washed and extruded materials that can be reused, we have chosen virgin PP, essentially to fully control its traceability and ensure zero risk for children.

In all cases, we feel that these choices are a step in the right direction to limit our impact on our planet, and that they are in line with our values.